okay.  time to sit down with blender.  gonna get past rendering that cube in cycles.

edit: oh god now that I know there’s an edit mode, this makes things make sense.  This interface is a lot like how I usually work.

edit: aaaaaah, these box modeling tools are so nice and not laggy, I wonder if I could retopo in here.

edit edit: I’m almost legitimately upset how easy this is.  this almost blows my 5 year old version of maya out of the water.

edit edit edit: luxrender / cycles is also neat.

edit edit edit edit: think I’m getting the slow hang of it, hooked up goZ to blender, fun stuff.  thanks again to pixelsmasher and sketchstick for helping me troubleshoot!

omgcakes asked:

If someone ordered a 3D commission from you, would you also be able to have it printed/turned into a sculpture? And if so; how much would that cost??

Thank you for your interest!  I currently do not have the facilities to 3dprint something on my own, but that might change in the next week or so, so I’ll update then.  Until then, there are sites like shapeways or pinshape that offer 3d printing services after I (or another 3d artist) would provide you with a digital copy of the model.