thirdsplit said: That’s fucking impressive. When did being colorblind become an issue and did it surprise you or were you used to it by then?

Hah, thanks.   Funnily enough it’s never been a huge issue to anyone but me.  I never lost color vision, so I don’t really know what I’m missing.  For most of my work stuff, there’s a specific brand color that they want used, complete with a specific hex code, so there’s not a lot of wiggle room.

I was my own worst enemy with it.  I gave up on pursuing art pretty much through college, instead focusing on more the technical aspects of the field.

I picked up art again about three years ago, and I’m enjoying every bit of it. It’s nice when people say they wouldn’t guess that I was colorblind, but then again they might just being super kind, haha.  The only downside is I’ll never really see what I’m doing, but I’m not gonna let that stop me.

madamegrimm said: Quick question! Do you use Polypaint or layout the actual UVS? OR BOTH? I’m a working on getting into zbrush, and I’m very curious! Love your stuff!

Thank you, that’s really kind of you! That render is with polypaint data only, there are UVs there, but they’re not doing anything. It’s okay for blocking in the rough values really really quickly.  Whenever I need to take the object OUT of zbrush, UVs are made along with the low-polygon version.   After that I texture using photoshop and ddo.  There are some models here that you can browse around to get a little closer look.

Having uv’s is really great to have, especially for colorblind folks like me. If I get the skin or eyecolor wrong, I can bring it into photoshop, change things around, and re-import it as polypaint data.

For texture baking I often use xNormal in conjunction with zbrush for the most accurate maps.

Just a couple things:

This is a personal art blog, I know that some things are quite uninspired, but they’re technical exercises.  If I only posted what I was proud of, this would be empty.  It makes me happy that people are willing to stick along in the hopes that something neat might happen.

Emofuri is commercially licensed software.  I was considering opening up commissions where I would not be selling products made with emofuri, but the PSD file with the correct layer setup ready for use with the software, or similar software.  If you were curious about something like that, let me know.

edit: just to clarify, emofuri is the free version of the software e-mote, the full version not only allows you to make things intended for commercial use, but comes with plugins for working with other stuff, too. read more about it here.  I’m a stickler for licenses. Sorry.