A bunch of fanart sprites






I once again decided to do some fan art sprites for some OCs I really liked the design of! All these ladies are lovely and this serves as another appreciation of these artists. Also a big thanks to Widemouthink for giving a very helpful C+C on these.

1st row:

Flora by smashpersona

Zitta by Matospectoru

Radlionheart’s robot girl. Did you give her a name yet?

Kria by Cruxia

2nd row

Barbara (Banshee form) by Widemouthink

Rose by Xdraws

Trixie by BlackMagesWaltz

3rd row

Nurse Yuukai by AtomicTiki

Kahyo by Dasmuskel

These were fun to sprite!

Ahhhhhh!  I love these!



Hi everyone, Im Ed’s friend Nikki here to tell you all of his power is out right now, and he has no money to pay the bills. It would mean the world to him if you could donate money to him and he promises to open commissions as soon as he gets his power back.

He cant draw anything for the donors…