omgcakes asked:

If someone ordered a 3D commission from you, would you also be able to have it printed/turned into a sculpture? And if so; how much would that cost??

Thank you for your interest!  I currently do not have the facilities to 3dprint something on my own, but that might change in the next week or so, so I’ll update then.  Until then, there are sites like shapeways or pinshape that offer 3d printing services after I (or another 3d artist) would provide you with a digital copy of the model.

Matcaps are neat.  Although I’ve steered away from using them, in favor of the ‘basic’ materials, they still have their uses.  Including this weird eyeball facing angle matcap.  Just apply it to a sphere, and bam, you got creepy “follow you everywhere eye”

You can download my very old (2011ish) matcaps here

I also recommend you check out the zBrush matcap library for some really neat ones, or even make your own!  Bring in a painted sphere and apply it as a matcap texture.  




Here it is y’all. The complete roster for the OC fighter collab!!


sirdarkhourglass - Prave xdraws - Rose jockodraws - Boblon

doge-lawyer - Degrados koidrake - Jawlene shenaniganza - Mamba

milo-sempai - Milo smashpersonaart - Abby & Flora

mybloodylove - Torgos neorice - Burk zskyzeartist - Pandore

jiggycomrade - Jiggy monsterforge - Mazer Dogu binaryhavok - Stan

thecrobot - Vos Veshale lemhan - Averna Xo palidoozy-art - Kaledoth

blackhookpixelart - Cudy getdestroyed-staydestroyed - Dover

gastrictank - Lo & Hye Zarre neeneejbs-art-stuff - Anne~Marie

j-don-bonne - Natsu Kigoyami jayechoart - Grae cubesona - Cubesona

oolongearlgrey - Dan bizarrejuju - Jun toamac - Flamer

gamesbynick - Diji widemouthink - Tela FerrousOxide - Marshal Fume

SenatorWong - Spec grogart - Celadore jiebadiah - King Smiley

taiyoooh - Curtana atroxchobatsu - Sarah N. Dippity

enterpraiz - Olivia cruxia - Cruxia seregal - Seregal buraketto - Q

thatdudejoey - Cine xdrpunkx - P-Bot rileyvace - Talon thunder-he4d - Ellie

rickz0r - Inkubus


Ahh look at all these neat folks!